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Recently, I have discovered that my website has been emulated by many home stay businesses throughout Cambodia, in fact in one they lifted a picture of my boy, another of my mother-in-law, and several of the interior of our cabin and a few of our guests.  After I recovered from my fit of righteous indignation, another issue far more germane to my interests came to mind.  OK, I'm writing what advertisers want, but am I writing what our potentials guests want to read?

So this is what we are about. We promise you a "non-touristy" experience, yes you are a customer, but you are also our family guest,someone who deserves more than just a cordial relationship that one expects from any business relationship.  You also deserve to profit from our deep knowledge of rural Cambodia.  You may ask any questions of us or our village speaker guests; we have no canned presentations, all is fresh and spontaneous, none

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What do I get for my money?


 For some of our guests money isn't the issue.  It isn't that they are incredibly rich;  they have decided that wherever they go the want the kind of experience that creates lasting memories.   In short they come here to meet Cambodians as well as fellow travelers far away from the banana pancake trail.  Although they want to meet locals they  can't speak the language or the locals who can speak the language ingratiate themselves in the hope of a big tip.   Our family is bilingual and we pay the villagers an excellent rate of pay, so that your stay is free of obsequious friendships.  Your memories will last as long as and as vividly as the photos on your disc.  


Essentially, this is a home stay for people who like to experience rural life in Cambodia There is nothing staged or phoney about what you will experience.  We can promise a walk and/or a bicycle ride, but we have no way of knowing who you will meet in the fields or at the wat.  We offer a real taste of contemporary rural Cambodia; I've already made it clear that this is not a luxury tour.  So, essentially what you get, besides my wife's dynamite cooking and charming ,personality is knowledge and hopefully a lot of photos or videos.  

In addition, since we buy locally a portion of your proceeds helps to support our small village  and an additional 10% goes to supporting our private English school conducted at home, which you will probably witness during a two day stay,  (See above picture)  Moreover all of the speakers who come to talk with our guests in the evening for one hour are well-paid by local standards.  They earn as much for that hour as they would earn working a full day in the fields for someone else.


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