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Please note that I have deleted the calender.  Too many readers thought that they could enter the dates they desired, but a password is needed to use it.  Also, we still need an email, so just click on the "contact me" button on the side of the website et voila, you're almost there! 

Also, the prices are exactly as stated in the website; they have not changed nor will they in the foreseeable future.

Recently, we have had to disappoint some guests who either did not believe what we wrote in the website or simply did not read it.  So, it seems appropriate to reiterate the booking procedure.  First, you must have a reservation either by email or phone.  Then after you buy the bus tickets or just before that if you are uncertain of travel times, you must call us at 012 68 62 40012 68 62 40 to reconfirm-no later than the day before.  Remember you must be at our home no later than 1:30 pm on the first day to be on time for lunch and the walking tour of the area.  No reconfirmation results in no reservation.  You cannot just drop in.  The other reason besides being on time is that we buy our food at the local market early in the morning to insure freshness.  The food we buy for you is NOT the food we normally eat, it is much more expensive.  We are in the business to make money, but that is not our primary motivation.  We exist so that we can show our guests a vanishing, but important part of Cambodian rural culture.  So please, if you can't come just call and tell us; there will be no anger on our part, only gratitude that we will not have wasted money on food for you.  If you don't come there will be no one to take your place.  We want you to enjoy your stay with us so please read the rest of the website and see if it is what you are looking for.




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Why we do what we do



Two Singaporean guests with a few of our English students. (Request for Donated Equipment)


To find out exactly what we need or to find out more about the school please visit the"links page of this website and click on the blogsite at the top of the list.  We wish to assure you in advance that under no circumstances will you be bothered, asked, hounded or in any way approached by us for donations during your stay.  It is entirely up to you.  If you have other educational material such as books etc. that you would like to donate email me first.  Thank you.  


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