So this is what we are about. We promise you a "non-touristy" experience, yes you are a customer, but you are also our family guest,someone who deserves more than just a cordial relationship that one expects from any business relationship.  You also deserve to profit from our deep knowledge of rural Cambodia.  You may ask any questions of us or our village speaker guests; we have no canned presentations, all is fresh and spontaneous, none of that "oh look here come the dancing girls now." There is no gift shop, no specials, only what we promise you on the website.  We want you to see how 70% of the population lives; something that 90% of the tourists don't see. It bears repeating these villagers are not just "natives", they are our friends and neighbors. Another issue I wish to touch upon is this.  You will see poverty-real poverty, but that is also not our purpose i.e. this is not a poverty tour.  We want you to meet them and appreciate not  pity them; they are the most resilient people I have ever known.  And because they live within modest means they face real problems, ones which build character.  They do not worry if they will have a new car next year or the latest i-pad.  They might worry if they will get enough money from their cattle sales to afford the dowry that they must pay the bride's family.  Decisions that by necessity build character and enhance reputation.

Why we do what we do

Welcome to Rana homestay now entering its eighth year We offer a learning experience that will immerse you into contemporary Cambodia  and augment your knowledge of how more than 70% of  the ignored population lives The usual route of Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh and Siam Reap is well worth the visit but it is incomplete and usually superficial. When you see Angkor Wat (and you  should), you are seeing the glorious past of Cambodia. We present a glimpse into the less glamorous current life and experiences of the overlooked villagers.


Most visitors leave Cambodia with  an incomplete or else totally false impression of what life in Cambodia is like.  The reason for that is easy to explain.  The overwhelming majority of the 70% rural population is either ignored or exploited.  They may make your beds, sell you a bit of street food, shine your shoes, beg alms from you, slow your bus or taxi down as they drive their small tractors or horse carts down a main highway. 

But other than the transitory moments,  a communications gap will remain and you will be on your way to your next sterile destination on the banana pancake trail.  We close that gap by bringing you face to face with them during our hikes  on foot and by bike and by having non-directed conversations with them during the evening.  Because my wife comes from this village we have a good rapport with these people;  they are not just locals. They are our friends, neighbors, and relatives and they want to know about you too.  





Two Singaporean guests with a few of our English students. (Request for Donated Equipment)


To find out exactly what we need or to find out more about the school please visit the"links page of this website and click on the blogsite at the top of the list.  We wish to assure you in advance that under no circumstances will you be bothered, asked, hounded or in any way approached by us for donations during your stay.  It is entirely up to you.  If you have other educational material such as books etc. that you would like to donate email me first.  Thank you.  


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